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in dynamic presence

Sara provides spiritual counselling & biodynamic bodywork

that focuses on transformation, integration and bringing awareness to the beauty & fullness that is found within.


In Sanskrit, sāra means essence;

saras refers to anything flowing or fluid in nature.


It is these attributes - essence & flow - which encompass all that she shares and explores through her work.



E S S E N C E  &  F L O W

Sara holds a gentle and receptive space that allows you to enter into realms within yourself that are subtle, soft and complex. She encourages you to explore your inner world with a sense of lightness and innocence, uncovering new layers of understanding, potent insights and hidden pockets of joy.

These sessions are very simple and very deep.

Entering into a place of relaxation and stillness, your body and mind are given an opportunity to be witnessed, felt and accepted. From this space of acceptance, unhealthy or conditioned patterns can begin to unwind and release, making way for a greater sense of spaciousness within and for healthier, more honoring pathways to present themselves going forward. 



When one has decided to embark upon an inner journey of discovery, entering the sacred realm of the heart, it can often feel confusing and full of unknowns.  Sara can assist you in finding the inner alignment you are seeking, affirmed by a feeling of relaxation and trust. 


She provides a space of deep listening, compassionate presence, and brings a wealth of knowledge grounded in over 20 years of spiritual study and practice.  Sara offers unique and fresh perspectives that allow you to find the gift in any perceived challenge, helping you come into right relationship with your very own heart.



This hands-on session assists the body’s natural capacity for self-repair. 

Sara will sit with you in stillness, bringing your body and mind into a deeply relaxed state. Her gentle touch will mirror back to your body any sites of inertia or stagnation, allowing for the unwinding of tension or trauma to take place. 


This can be an effective treatment for most any issue, be it physical or emotional, as biodynamic integration revolves around establishing the underlying strength at the core of our being, rather than around symptoms and disease.



For enquiries or to book a session, please click the email link below and you will be directed to a contact form.


Montreal, Canada



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