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My heart is the heart of a philosopher and artist. I deeply enjoy musing over speculative theories, dancing with what ifs, and letting my imagination run wild yet, in and through it all, I  find I am most concerned with what is true. This inquiry into what is true began with an early fascination with the study of astrology and other esoteric arts. From there, I completed a university degree in Psychology and upon graduating in 1999 with a strong desire to travel, I promptly boarded a plane to South Korea where I taught English for three years.  It was there that I was first introduced to yoga and while resting in an asana, experienced a deep and profound release of emotion, awakening me to vast, unexplored places within my own being.

In 2003 I travelled to New Zealand, where I completed a graduate diploma in education. Upon finishing my studies, I returned to Canada for a time and entered into what is commonly referred to as a ‘dark night of the soul’. I found solace in studying and participating in mediumship circles. While these unseen realms had me delighting in much magic and mystery, in the end, they provided few, if any, answers, leading only to more questions and confusion. Little did I know that I would soon be flying to Bali, Indonesia; a new chapter in my life that would bring ten years of deep transformation.

I lived in a bamboo yurt, teaching at an eco-school without walls; made a daunting foray into the realm of Tantra; immersed myself in 25 straight days of Vipassana meditation in Burma; melted into the fluid tide of craniosacral therapy training; dove into colourful shamanic-like oil painting journeys; taught yoga at nutrition-based self-care retreats; played harmonium in devotional singing circles; created and guided learning adventures for home-schooled children; brought mythic beings to life through clay, and reveled in the beautiful study of ikebana, Japanese flower arranging.

Not long after my arrival on the island of Bali, I was graced with the profound blessing of finally finding what I had been so desperately seeking. Under the guidance of teachers Swami Vagishananda Saraswati, Carol Whitfield (PhD), and Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, I found a trustworthy means of understanding the nature of myself, the world and god, which is not rooted in belief, but in self-inquiry and the careful unfoldment of knowledge that reveals the one truth that is already a self-evident fact; that which supports and lends existence to all other forms of knowledge. 

Which brings us to the present.

These places I have lived, studied and worked have gifted me with so much. What I cherish most are the relationships formed with individuals I have met along the way; people who are passionate in their field of study and who have invested considerable time and effort in pursuit of that passion, unafraid to go against the grain and the common myth, honoring their heart’s calling and engaging in what makes their soul and spirit come alive. 

It is in this same spirit that I provide spiritual counselling and integrative bodywork sessions to those who are seeking a deeper understanding of the many blessings and possible pitfalls of the spiritual quest and who wish to safely explore their inner world and its many treasures. Those who meet me often say they leave our time together feeling inspired, relaxed, uplifted, and a with a greater sense of clarity. May this be so with whomever I meet; may we bring out the best in each other and find the courage to share what our heart feels to share in each moment in honour of our mutual growth, celebration and healing.


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teaching   Sara has over 20 years of teaching experience across all age groups and in various contexts including international language schools, adult learning programs, public and private schools, yoga classes, creative workshops, individual mentoring and homeschooling.  She was a member of the original pioneering group of teachers at Greenschool in Bali, a now well-known and progressive international school offering a curriculum rooted in sustainability and environmental stewardship.  

Sara holds a BA in Psychology from Bishop's University, a TEFL certification from The Atlantic Overseas Teaching Institute, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Education from Christchurch College of Education in New Zealand.

biodynamic craniosacral therapy   Sara trained with Dr. Leonid Soboleff of Craniosacral Asia in a series of modules that spanned 8 years, while offering sessions during interim periods and honing her skills. She is a gifted and highly intuitive healer, holding a very clear, subtle and supportive space for clients to find deep physical and emotional release and integration. 

spirituality   Underpinning everything Sara does is a deep reverence for the sacredness and interconnectedness of life. She has been a devoted student of Vedanta, the universal wisdom found in the Upanisads, for over a decade.  This knowledge has served as the foundation for all she shares.  As a lover of magic, mysticism and all things esoteric, Sara is also well-versed in tools such as astrology, tarot, gene keys, and dream work. She often utlilizes these tools in her sessions as a means of contemplation and reflection for they can provide valuable insight into one's current inner situation as well as creative avenues towards integration.  

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