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135 CAD / session

This is a hands-on therapy which assists the body’s natural capacity for self-repair.  It requires masterful attunement to very subtle expressions in the physical and energetic field of the client as well as the relational field which the client and practitioner share.

Biodynamic forces exist which maintain the order, integrity and homeostasis of all living things. These forces arise from stillness, a dynamic stillness, alive with potency and vitality, and orient around the midline of the physical and energetic body.  When the body is temporarily unable to accommodate the flow of these forces from within or without, it creates inertial fulcrums, or alternative reference points, in order to maintain balance and homeostasis. These are compensatory and inhibit the flow of life force in the system and its full expression of health.


Through shifting our awareness to dynamic stillness and the inherent health that is ever present within it, we allow healing to arise and unfold. There is no manipulation or adjustment of structures, only a very light touch accompanied by deep presence, observation, acceptance and redirection towards health. The wisdom and plan for how healing is achieved is contained within the intelligence found in this stillness.


These sessions can be an effective treatment for most any issue, be it physical or emotional, as biodynamic integration revolves around establishing the underlying strength at the core of our being, rather than around symptoms and disease.

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