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120 CAD / 60 mins

Sara has extensive experience assisting both young people and adults through transitional periods in their lives.  She is able to create a climate of trust and respect and holds a psychic and physical space that allows for courageous communication, deep inquiry and the development of relational awareness, both within oneself and with others. 


This is a subtle and individualized form of relating where Sara extends attention, conscientiousness and care to you with the aim of expanding knowledge, examining attitudes, developing skills and sometimes, altering deeply ingrained habits of mind and behaviour.  You are given space and guidance in identifying and communicating your core values and intentions, all the while being appreciated and honored in your process.


She can provide guidance, mirroring and feedback on matters relating to spiritual questioning, emotional management, life direction, self-care, creativity, healthy relating and communication, and aligning one's intentions with one's core values.  Sara offers unique and fresh perspectives that allow you to find the gift in any perceived challenge, helping you come into right relationship with your very own heart.  Most importantly, she gives you tools that allow you to source your own answers from within.

Whether you are an adult in the midst of a big life change, a child experiencing academic or emotional blocks at school, an artist looking for new expression or inspiration, or someone who just feels stuck and not sure of how to move forward, Sara is happy to meet with you and assist you in identifying your blocks and finding your flow.   


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