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know this

like heavy dunes of sand drifting

with the lightness

of a warm, Balinese breeze


this is your heart

this is my heart

and the space between


I open to you like a child welcomes the sun

I sing your heart’s songs with the devotion of a long lost lover

Listening intently for what you cannot  say

and receiving, gracefully and with gratitude, that which you can


Have I reminded you lately

of the admiration I have

for you

and what you share?

If not,


know this


It is because of your love

that I have recovered a long buried

and once painfully wounded confidence

it manifests as joy


The strength of your song

has carried me like a great horse

in moments where I was flailing


Your patience, like the slow, soft earth

is something I often doubt,

yet like an ancient tree,

you remain steadfast and silent.


Your crisp coolness

and blatant acts of disregard

though cutting, and at times. frustrating

have, in fact, allowed me to tap more deeply

a self-acceptance and inner strength

that supplants external approval

or validation    and for that,

I thank you


I love your closeness

I crave your smile

I am touched by your stories

and swim silently in your depths

I am healed by your hand

and inspired by your ingenuity


you perplex me and puzzle me

though I quite like your wonderland

it’s comprised of nobility, with a dash

of absurdity, sweetened with

sincerity…though never the same twice


I love you as you are

for all that you are

for all that you bring

and each song you sing


Know that.

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