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The session begins with a short discussion where you will be invited to share what has prompted you to meet with me and what you hope to gain from our time together. Through this dialogue, I will help bring your awareness to the areas of your physical body where the issue you are wanting to address is manifesting itself. I will also answer any questions or concerns your may have.


From here, you will lie fully clothed on a massage table and a very light, non-intrusive touch will be used to 'listen' to the expression of your body's rhythms and messages.  Most treatments begin by listening to your field via the feet and ankles and I am then guided to other areas of the body needing attention. The gentle touch of my hands mirrors back to the body any sites of inertia or stagnation so that the unwinding of tensions and trauma can be facilitated.  The session is client-led, in the sense that it is your body that sets the pace of the work; it will only unfold at a momentum that you are able to comfortably integrate. Clients typically feel a deep sense of relaxation and enter into a space much like the one between waking and sleep. Sensations such as heat, tingling, pulsations or waves may be felt. At times, emotional responses can arise as the heart begins to relax in non-resistance. I hold a compassionate and safe space for these emotions to be processed.


The work on the table will come to a natural close and in your own time, you will come to a standing position. Time will be given to discuss anything that arose during the session and to answer any questions.  It is suggested that you allow yourself a space of about 1- 2 hours after the session to rest while you integrate the changes.  It is best not to rush into habitual patterns and activities.  

You may find that the reason you came for the treatment isn’t necessarily what changes first. There is an ordering principle to healing, just as there is to nature.  For this reason, you may want to consider gifting yourself with a series of treatments so that you may benefit from the cumulative effects.

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