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we can.

bodies tangled in white sheets beneath thin veils of gossamer

we can caress

and let our limbs, lips and eloquent laughter

dance us, a subtle sway

to a gentle tempo of tenderness

warm breath slipstreams across bare shoulders

fingers prance like feline paws on piano keys

through clouds of curls

palms press and push across plains of soft skin

down valleys, up hills

breathing out, breathing in

we can try

our own key

and attempt to enter the great dancehall

where circuitous swirls of blueprinted beats

vibrate and pulsate open to new geometries

though know

that to disconnect from the flow

will render that key


the key of trust will simply rust

we need only allow ourselves

to be danced

without hurry, without agenda

into the mystery

with openness to

loving to

healing to

breathing to

feeling to

giving to

receiving of


eyes meet like windows

winsome memories, (k)new reflections

we can repose

and let feelings flood the space between

and resolve back into That

which dances us

it may dance us in twoness

mindful of the oneness

it may dance us to the great hall

and heal us and breathe us

it may dance us into stillness

and a calm, loving smile

through pleasurable pain

and all painful pleasure

we can be with

what is given

we can love

any heaven as a haven

of trust

That’s the key

let it dance us

can we?

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